Shree Krishna Janmashtami Annadan & Festival Appeal 2016

Lord Krishna appears in this world to display His beautiful pastimes. The occasion of His appearance brings great joy to the hearts of everyone. To mark this auspicious occasion, many wonderful arrangements are being made to celebrate Janmashtami at the Hare Krishna Temple.

Many thousands of pilgrims will be coming to Bhaktivedanta Manor to celebrate this special occasion over the two days. Your devotion and generosity has always made Janmashtami a very significant and jubilant event, touching the lives of thousands of pilgrims.

Please support this year’s Janmashtami festival with your heartfelt contribution. This year, for all contributions of £65.00 or more, you will receive the Mantra Box MP3 player & Japa beads to help you always remember Krishna & never forget Him.

The name which you would like honoured on the Janmashtami display board.
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