The Temple Room is the heart of the Manor. Krishna is everywhere, yet he lives in the temple in a special way as master of the house. All that happens in the temple is related to Krishna, and everything in the temple and temple grounds belongs to him. Visitors are therefore Krishna’s guests, and any service they offer, however small or insignificant, is personal service to Krishna.

The images of radha and krishna are a visible form of God to allow personal service to be offered. since God is everywhere, he can also be present in the form of the murti.

Radha and krishna are greeted every morning in their new costume of the day. this greeting continues throughout the day. it is called darshan, which means ‘seeing,’ and is an opportunity for worshippers to see the beautiful form of God. it is also a time for devotees to offer Krishna their prayers, and for Krishna to ‘see’ their hearts.

Darshan Experience
The darshan experience team facilitates the smooth flow of guests and worshippers from the festival grounds, through the beautifully captivating and colourful display of Krishna pastimes to the temple room. This experience continues from the enchanting deities in the temple room back to the festival grounds for more fun.

The team consists of a friendly group of volunteers of all ages, shapes and sizes. This team is one of the largest groups of volunteers who cooperate and work efficiently for a smooth running of an integral part of the Janmashtami festival!

Janmashtami is Krishna’s birthday so baby Makanchor (baby Krishna) eagerly awaits everyone to greet and swing him gently when they visit. The darshan experience team serve Makanchor as part of their service. He melts their hearts adding extra sweetness to their service in serving guests.

To get darshan of other dates please visit Daily Darshan on Flickr.