An essential part of every Hare Krishna festival is, of course, the food.

Free prasadam (sanctified pure vegetarian food), prepared by our team of dedicated and devoted volunteers, is available to all the guests. Although the temple devotees will be fasting until midnight on Janmashtami day, the prasadam for the guests will be suitable for ekadashi  – prepared without grains or beans – and thus suitable to eat on Janmasthami.

Govindas Snacks For those who prefer the usual festival fare, pizzas, chips, samosas, cakes, jalebis etc. can be purchased from the variety of food stalls on offer.

Radharani’s bakery is where you can get all your favourite delectables from freshly baked cakes to jalebis. The bakery is sure to satisfy everyone’s palette since historically our customer’s favourites are fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, masala teas, cookies, doughnuts and farari chaats!

Most of our volunteers fast on Janmasthami day despite the sweet aroma of the baking and frying. Go, on give them an extra big smile and ‘thank you’ when you visit them.